BGA Rework/BGA Reballing

BGA Rework As technology continues to advance, more products are being designed with BGA, FPGA and QFN devices, which all have special rework requirements. At BENCOR, we have the capability and expertise to accommodate your leading edge PCB Assembly requirements with quality bga services.

We utilize a Hakko FR1418 BGA rework system that produces real-time temperature graphs to monitor and ensure adherence to each component’s specific reflow profile. Additionally, Hakko’s beam splitting prism optics capability allows for Lookup/Lookdown viewing, giving us a birds-eye view of your rework in-process.

Also, we have a RTX-113HV X-Ray system to validate all BGA rework and troubleshoot defects that customers bring to us from other vendors.

The process steps that we follow for all BGA rework are defined below:

  1. Remove the defective BGA using the Hakko rework station. During this process, we determine the reflow profile for the component by utilizing the thermocouples on the station.
  2. Thoroughly clean and inspect the assembly.
  3. Apply solder paste using a mini-template and complete in-process inspection.
  4. Place the BGA using one of our SMT pick and place machines for accuracy.
  5. Reflow the part using the Hakko rework station and the reflow profile that was determined in step one.
  6. Wash the reworked assembly to the supplied was instructions.
  7. Complete final QC.

NOTE: When reworking a BGA using the same device, it must be re-balled. It is always preferable to use a new BGA when bga reballing is required.

BENCOR BGA Rework Requirements:

  • A Data Sheet of the device, including the mechanical drawing to cut the mini-stencil.
  • Your board dimension to ensure that we can fit it into our rework machine.
  • (Maximum size is 14"x20", Minimum size is 2"x2".)
  • Lead Free or Tin-Lead Process. Required for solder paste and reflow profile.
  • If the board is populated, then an assembly drawing to determine how many and what types of components are surrounding the device.

When BGA rework is required, BENCOR has the people, processes and equipment to deliver a quality assembly that will meet or surpass your bga service requirements.

Contact us today to discuss any difficult BGA rework, reballing bga or any bga service issues.