Low Pressure Injection Molding and Over-Molding Services

Low pressure injection molding and overmolding enable the utilization of cost effective aluminum mold-set. The low injection pressure of the molding material enables over-molding on components that cannot withstand the high injection pressures characteristic of traditional injection molding. Examples include circuit boards, “floating” wires or components, nylon-covered wires, many types of batteries and delicate sensors.

We use Macromelt® Polyamide thermoplastic materials for our process. The simplicity of these materials is the real advantage: because the entire Macromelt operation takes place at low pressure, cycle time is short and fine or fragile circuitry is not warped or otherwise damaged – no re-sodering is required. It’s dustproof and is characterized by varying degrees of water resistance, depending upon the Macromelt product selected. This delivers measurable improvements over traditional Epoxy potting or encapsulating processes.

Low-Pressure injection molding and overmolding is an innovative and efficient manufacturing process. Our molding process delivers superior sealing adhesion and excellent temperature and solvent resistance. Low-Pressure Injection molding is easier, safer, faster and overall more cost effective than other traditional protective molding and sealing methods.

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