BENCOR: Experts in PCB Design, Manufacturing, Assembly, and Cables

On-Time Delivery: One of the most important aspects of BENCOR is the fact we will deliver your product faster than any other PCB manufacturer out there in the marketplace. We have been doing electronics manufacturing since 1992 and this has allowed us to perfect the way we manufacture and assemble our PCBs, cables and OEM components. We take the time to provide you with an exceptional product, and it does not slow us down. We deliver quality electronic components in a timely fashion and often sooner than estimated.

Competitive Prices: Looking at all the pricing points for printed circuit board services can be nauseating. So many different companies want to charge you more than what is reasonable because it’s coming from their specific brand, despite their quality not matching up. BENCOR's competitive prices for PCB assembling and manufacturing, and other OEM manufacturing needs ensure our customers get what they want while providing honest and fair pricing. BENCOR can guarantee you a product, satisfying your every need, while still paying one of the lowest prices on the market.

High-Quality Products: Being in the printed circuit board industry for over 27 years, BENCOR has proven experience in OEM manufacturing. We have been able to deliver a large collection of useful products and our knowledge in making printed circuit boards and other electronic components has allowed us to perfect the way we create your products. Consistently innovating our equipment and processes ensures we make only high-quality printed circuit boards.

Superior Services: There is no limit to what BENCOR can do when it comes to OEM manufacturing. We offer PCB Assembly, PCB Production, Cable Assembly, Kitting, Through-Hole Assembly, and exceptional Contract Manufacturing all done by an experienced staff who has over hundred years of accumulated experience under our belts for top-tier value-added services. Offering such a diverse range of excellent services ensures we are your go-to company. Contact us to see how reliable we are when it comes to assisting you.

Take the Virtual tour of our facility

Virtual Tour of Our Texas Facility

Our office and manufacturing spaces are impressive, but our clients think our customer service is even better. No project or budget is too large or too small for us. Give us a chance and you’ll see we really mean that. Until then, take a virtual tour of our campus here.



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PCB Assembly


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Cable Assembly


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Quality Projects - We're ready to meet your most difficult PCB design requirements

Worried about late deliveries?
Tired of poor quality or service?

At BENCOR, we deliver quality projects on-time, at an affordable price. From PCB design prototypes to high volume printed circuit board design, fabrication, cable assembly and production, we ‘re ready to meet your most difficult requirements.

We offer complete quick turn pcb assembly services and can customize our solutions to meet your unique business requirements.

Our team of project managers seamlessly blends with your organization, giving you complete control over the electronics manufacturing process. We have on-staff experts who specialize in procurement, project management, test engineering and quality control, making us the perfect outsourcing partner.

Our extensive electronics manufacturing experience will positively impact your bottom-line, because we ask the right questions to cost reduce your bill of materials and other manufacturing costs.

As one of the leading electronic manufacturers, it's our job to deliver the best return on investment so your business can thrive.

Made in Texas

We are proud to serve Houston, Dallas, Austin and the surrounding Texas areas. Our high quality PCB design and fabrication services are sought all over the world.


Remember BENCOR printed circuit board design in Texas for PCB design, circuit boards and quick turn PCB assembly.

Made in Texas, serving Houston, Dallas, Austin and the rest of the world

BENCOR Delivers All Three: Value Pricing, Superior Quality and Fast Turnaround

Printed Circuit Board Fabrication

Printed Circuit Board Fabrication

As an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Contract Manufacturer based in Texas, BENCOR offers a wide-array of PCB design and fabrication services, including both domestic and offshore PCB fabrication.

From prototype quantities to high volume production, we have the right partners to meet your most difficult requirements.

Printed Circuit Board Design in Texas

Do you need to lower your
manufacturing costs?

To improve your profitability, we offer custom delivery options to meet your organization’s complex inventory management goals, such as JIT delivery, scheduled orders and FREE safety stock options.

A Trusted Partner Since 1992

At BENCOR, we are proud of the highly-satisfied customer base we’ve had the pleasure of serving for many years. We are a growing company with a hands-on approach to business. We have customers in Arkansas, Arizona, Colorado, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas and pretty much everywhere.

Our stellar customer service and sincere personal attention are reasons why a large part of our business comes from customer referrals. We are strategically located in Brenham, Texas, sitting perfectly between Austin, Houston, San Antonio and Dallas. Join hundreds of other happy customers that chose BENCOR and allow us to serve your PCB design and electronic fabrication needs.

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BENCOR Services Overview

Download Services Overview

Click here to download our BENCOR PCB Design, Fabrication and Assembly Services Overview PDF.